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Browser support:

Below are listed the problems that were found to occur with various browser versions. Most of the rendering bugs are no longer visible in Canvex due to workarounds or other changes in the code.

Firefox 1.5+

Firefox 2.0+

Firefox 3.0 (trunk)

Opera 9.00

Internet Explorer 6, 7

Compatibility philosophy

Canvex attempts to follow the relevant standards such that it would work in a perfectly compliant web browser. (If it fails to do so, that should be considered a bug and preferably reported (email)). Since browsers do not implement the standards perfectly, Canvex tries to use a subset that works correctly in them all. Browser detection is used only to set the default options to maximise performance, since different browsers prefer different ways of implementing the same effect. Some proprietary extensions (e.g. opera-2dgame) are used when available, but never required or expected.